Jeb Purucker

is a graduate student in Literature at UC Santa Cruz and a member of UAW Local 2865.

Santa Rita, I Hate Every Inch of You

Santa Rita, I Hate Every Inch of You

Twen­ty-four hours into my incar­cer­a­tion in San­ta Rita Jail, I found myself in yet anoth­er tac­ti­cal con­ver­sa­tion, dis­sect­ing the numer­ous fail­ures that had led to the ket­tling and mass arrests of about 400 Occu­py Oak­land demon­stra­tors. This is one of the few upsides of a mass arrest. After get­ting the row­dy activists off the streets, the police find them­selves host­ing a three-day strat­e­gy con­fer­ence inside the jail. When­ev­er a con­ver­sa­tion begins to get stale, the guards show up and shuf­fle peo­ple into new dis­cus­sion groups, and the debate begins afresh.