Max Ajl

is an editor at Jadaliyya and Viewpoint and a member of the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network.

Notes on Libya

The point is not to debate whether or not Libya was a social­ist state. Much more inter­est­ing is under­stand­ing what were its strengths and what were its weak­ness­es.

Field Notes on Tunisia’s Green Revolution

Field Notes on Tunisia’s Green Revolution

Ayeb’s focus is the strug­gles of direct pro­duc­ers who work in agri­cul­ture in a nat­ur­al world beset by the dis­lo­ca­tions and mount­ing dis­or­ders of agro-indus­tri­al cap­i­tal­ist farm­ing. Through inter­views, he assem­bles an anec­do­tal yet accu­rate account of Tunisia’s rur­al pro­duc­tive sys­tem, a col­lage of tes­ti­mo­ny and analy­sis.