Joshua Clover

is a communist. He is also a professor of literature and critical theory at the University of California Davis, currently visiting professor at University of Paris. A widely published essayist, poet, and cultural theorist, his most recent book along with Riot. Strike. Riot is Red Epic (Commune Editions, 2015).

Final Remarks

Final Remarks

My wagers are these: that the riot can now be thought as a fun­da­men­tal form of class strug­gle rather than an impo­lit­i­cal spasm; that we can rec­og­nize in this the ascend­ing sig­nif­i­cance of sur­plus pop­u­la­tions with­in the dialec­ti­cal pro­duc­tion of capital’s antag­o­nists; and that the riot can be in turn seen as a sun­di­al indi­cat­ing where we are with­in the his­to­ry of cap­i­tal­ist accu­mu­la­tion.

The Ends of the State

The Ends of the State

It is in no way self-appar­ent that think­ing more about the state, even if one promis­es to do it dif­fer­ent­ly, is the sen­si­ble rem­e­dy for the prob­lem of social move­ments that hurl them­selves repeat­ed­ly against the colon­nades of the Nation­al Assem­bly. If we are to con­front prac­ti­cal prob­lems in the strug­gle to remake the world, we should like to see the sit­u­a­tion right side up. For us, the prob­lem is not how to seize state pow­er but how not to be seized by it – how we might elude being hailed by the ques­tion of pow­er rather than that of social repro­duc­tion, and in turn, elude being forced to fight on ter­rain that is unfa­vor­able.