The Return of Communism

László Moholy-Nagy, AM 7 (26), 1926
Lás­zló Moholy-Nagy, Am 7 (26), 1926

View­point is proud to co-spon­sor the Rome Con­fer­ence on Com­mu­nism, tak­ing place in the eter­nal city from Jan­u­ary 18-22, 2017. The con­fer­ence entails a series of round­table dis­cus­sions with major fig­ures in the his­to­ry, prac­tice, and the­o­ry of com­mu­nism, as well as work­shops bring­ing togeth­er younger activists and mil­i­tants. In accor­dance with Viewpoint’s project to uncov­er for­got­ten left his­to­ries and prompt crit­i­cal think­ing about rev­o­lu­tion­ary pos­si­bil­i­ty in our own con­junc­ture, we offer the fol­low­ing inter­views with key con­fer­ence par­tic­i­pants, orig­i­nal­ly pub­lished in the Ital­ian mag­a­zine Il Man­i­festo, as a way for our read­ers to engage with some of the ideas cir­cu­lat­ing at the con­fer­ence, even if from afar. We wish to thank our trans­la­tors and Ric­car­do Anto­ni­uc­ci for mak­ing the texts avail­able to us in advance of the con­fer­ence.

Reinventing Communist Politics | Sandro Mezzadra

Migra­tion showed me, along with fem­i­nism, the strate­gic impor­tance of “dif­fer­ence”; strate­gic in orga­niz­ing the rela­tions of dom­i­na­tion and exploita­tion; but also strate­gic as a con­struc­tion of the pol­i­tics of lib­er­a­tion as well.

Feminism, Reproduction, and Communism | Morgane Merteuil

It seems to me impor­tant to grasp the con­tra­dic­tions that cap­i­tal­ism induces in sub­jects as so many incen­tives to rethink which “eman­ci­pa­tion” we are fight­ing for – that is to say, if it is a ques­tion of “eman­ci­pat­ing” one­self, indi­vid­u­al­ly, or of attack­ing the rela­tions of dom­i­na­tion and exploita­tion in ser­vice of a col­lec­tive eman­ci­pa­tion.

The Communist Desire to Change the World – and Ourselves | Étienne Balibar

I want to give a strong sense to the phrase “com­mu­nist desire.” Com­mu­nist desire is the motor of com­mu­nist engage­ment, with­out which there is no com­mu­nist pol­i­tics. In some way it is an unful­fil­l­able desire because it is bound­less, yet it is pos­si­ble to think it in “mate­ri­al­ist” terms.

Communism as a Continuing Constituent Process | Toni Negri

The prob­lem is under­stand­ing which behav­iors, lev­els of orga­ni­za­tion, and capac­i­ties of expres­sion the new pro­le­tari­at has. Because, when we say “there is no solu­tion except rev­o­lu­tion,” we say some­thing that is at this point banal. The prob­lem is not know­ing if it is nec­es­sary, but rather know­ing how it is nec­es­sary and how it is pos­si­ble.


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