It once was com­mon prac­tice for rad­i­cal jour­nals to solic­it feed­back from their read­ers. It anchored the­o­ret­i­cal devel­op­ments and point­ed to new areas of inquiry.
Over the next year, View­point is plan­ning to expand into print­ed vol­umes, release a mas­sive issue on impe­ri­al­ism,  co-spon­sor a con­fer­ence in New York,  ini­ti­ate a series of  inquiries and col­lec­tive­ly authored con­junc­tur­al analy­ses, all while con­tin­u­ing to pub­lish the­mat­ic dossiers and rig­or­ous stand-alone essays. As we devel­op this work, we hope our read­ers can help us revive the prac­tice here, build­ing a stronger relay between read­ers, writ­ers, and edi­tors.

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